A decade of Conservative rule may finally end in Canada's twisting three-way election Monday

After ten years of right-wing governance, Canada goes to the polls on Monday in an election that will almost certainly eliminate Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper's parliamentary majority. Whether it ends Harper's tenure in the top job is less clear: His party governed Canada with only a minority from 2006 to 2011, though shifts in the makeup of the rest of Parliament make a repeat of that scenario unlikely, but not impossible.

The historically centrist Liberal Party, coming off its worst defeat in history, has rebounded under new leader Justin Trudeau and has a good chance to dethrone Harper by winning the most seats and forming a minority government of its own. Meanwhile, the left-wing New Democratic Party (NDP), led by opposition leader Thomas Mulcair, is trying to stop its recent descent in the polls that has seen it drop from first to third and likely out of contention for leading the next government.

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