No, for the thousandth time: Democrats are not doomed

The demographics of the United States are changing rapidly, and analysts have been debating which political party stands to benefit most from these shifts for decades. In recent years, the bulk of the evidence has pointed toward demographic trends favoring the Democrats, but as always, there are contrarians who take the opposite point of view.

One of those contrarian viewpoints comes from John Judis, whose new piece at Vox is headlined: “Democrats are in more trouble than they think. And changing demographics won’t save them.” Though Judis himself doesn’t use the d-word, the article’s URL sums up the piece as “democrats-doomed.”

Judis feels Democrats should be worried, not excited, about what the future holds. But while some parts of Judis’s piece article are inarguable (elections and candidates do indeed matter, as he avers), his section dedicated to “Some worrying demographic trends for Democrats” doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Far from dooming them, current trends favor Democrats in presidential elections in the near term, and there’s no reason to believe otherwise.

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