The importance of a liberal filling Scalia's seat on the Supreme Court cannot be overstated

ThinkProgress’s Ian Millhiser wrote a smart piece this weekend covering the ways in which Justice Antonin Scalia’s passing will affect the cases pending before the Supreme Court. Millhiser covers how the loss of Scalia’s vote will significantly affect rulings relating to labor unions, immigration, abortion, and redistricting, but there are still many more ways a shift in the court’s composition could affect future cases.

The enormity of moving the court to the left cannot be understated, which is why it would beridiculous for President Obama to nominate a "compromise” choice, or evena supposedly moderate Republican to Scalia’s seat. A fifth liberal vote could both move the country in a more progressive direction and make it easier to elect Democrats to other levels and branches of government. It’s not hyperbole to say that the fate of the country rests on this seat.

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